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Vivid Class is executing such high-quality performance of Quality Digitizing, Sew-out Best Result, Custom Designs quality assurance services just like Tradition digital embroiders been through.

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Screen Printing on apparel is tending up to days, appealing with takeover vibrant eye-catching designs on cloths, Over a span of Several Decades. The Vivid Class treats our demand thoroughly.

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The Vivid Class is drifting the sides of services Screen Printing Vectorization, Illustration. You don’t bother to look after Or search on engines to get better Trustworthy Vector Artiest for your company.

The Vivid Class has empowered the Best Ever Quality Vector Artist who can build trust factors with you and your clients. We are the most suitable providers all over the USA, right here you will be availing of Ensuring the Quality Vector services.

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Vivid class always gives first priority for its custom patches’ quality viability. Custom patches are easy to stick and worn. It make your new branded look

Customized Embroidery Patches
Customized Embroidery Patches 97%
Image to Vector
Image to Vector 80%
Embroidery Digitizing
Embroidery Digitizing 85%